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Mixing Colors into Lip Balm without Heating

Mixing Colors into Lip Balm without Heating
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Mixing Colors into Lip Balm without Heating
  Project Overview:
The customer needed several small samples of lip balm with color mixed in. The high viscosity of the lip balm can prove difficult to mix. Typically a lip balm would be heated to lower the viscosity and make mixing easier. However, no heat could be added to the material during processing or the natural products used for the color and lip balm would be damaged.

AVEKA Solution:
AVEKA used a proprietary mixing method to incorporate the different natural colors into the lip balm without having to melt the balm. A variety of colors have been added uniformly throughout the lip balm. In addition to colors, AVEKA has been able to add inorganic flakes to add sparkles to the balm. The customer has been displaying the samples to several cosmetic companies.

Project Points:
  • Process: Proprietary Mixing Method
  • Description: Adding Color to Lip Balm
  • Industry: Cosmetic
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