The Challenge:
AVEKA was approached by a nutraceutical company to produce their powdered product, which is used as an herbal supplement. They were transitioning away from their current toll manufacturer, who was not forthcoming with manufacturing details. With limited details, a new process needed to be designed, and the customer was open to exploring manufacturing improvements. Furthermore, the powder product had very specific requirements for formulation, moisture, bulk density and particle morphology.

AVEKA Solution:
AVEKA‘s R&D and production teams conducted several laboratory trials to investigate material properties and guide production decisions. Ultimately, AVEKA Nutra Processing designed and implemented a multi-step process utilizing liquid blending, homogenization, separations, membrane filtration, evaporation and spray drying to create the nutraceutical powder. In order to meet product moisture and bulk density specifications, AVEKA optimized spray drying conditions. AVEKA continues to consult with the customer during production campaigns to increase yields and product effectiveness.