Crushing Services

At AVEKA, we offer jaw and auger crushing to reduce the size of large friable materials.

Jaw crushing is achieved using compressive forces between two plates to break the substrates. One plate is typically fixed in a “V” alignment while the other plate reciprocates resulting in the crushing action. The pieces remain in the jaws until they are small enough to pass through the gap at the bottom of the plates.

Auger crushing is achieved by feeding material into a tapered chamber with a moving screw using a high powered drive motor generating a crushing and shearing action.

By using multiple passes through the crusher, material can be reduced to finer particle sizes using this process: crush the material, screen and discard fines, package good material, reduce the jaw gap and crush the overs again (repeating as many times as necessary).

Reach out to one of our AVEKA experts to learn more about how we can help with your crushing service needs. 

Capabilities and Equipment Specs

4″ x 6″ opening Jaw Crusher (2)

12″ x 16″ opening Jaw Crusher

Factors to Consider
  • What is the starting size of the material?
  • Is the material friable?
  • Does the material need to be screened after crushing?
  • Is metal contamination an issue?
  • Is a magnetic detection step required to remove potential contaminates?