Liquid Blending Services

AVEKA has a wide range of liquid tanks available to meet your tolling needs. We offer high-shear mixing, temperature control, and automated HMI process systems. 

Contact one of our experienced representatives today to learn how we can create your customized product. 

Capabilities and Equipment Specs
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
    • Multiple tanks with capacity up to 9400 Liters
    • Jacketed tanks for both heating and cooling 
  • Jet cookers 
    • Temperatures up to 160° C
    • Retention time from 2 to 20 minutes
  • Tri-Blender
    • Dry ingredient capacity: up to 1045 kg/min.

Pre- and Post-Processing Capabilities:

  • Data acquisition and digital process control
  • High-shear mixing, liquefying and bead milling
  • Multiple packaging options
  • Analytical capabilities
Factors to Consider
  • Is heating or cooling needed, and what are the temperature limits?
  • Is a pasteurization step required?
  • What data points are critical to the product?
  • How will the incoming ingredients be packaged?