Higher screening throughput, improved product quality and lower wear on materials.

Ultra Sonic Sweco Screener

What is Ultrasonic Screening?

Ultrasonic screening is a unique type of screening that applies an ultrasonic frequency directly to the mesh screen causing the screen fabric to vibrate. This reduces screen blinding, increases throughput and improves particle separation and yield. The ultrasonic frequency is added to the typical vibratory screening setup, where particulate materials are separated by particle size using gravity and motion. Ultrasonic screening is beneficial when vibratory screening struggles to separate smaller particles due to constant screen blinding. Ultrasonic screening is typically superior for small particles and low density materials.

Capabilities and Equipment Specs

Ultrasonic Screening Systems

  • Two ultrasonic screening systems run on 60” industrial screeners
  • One ultrasonic screening system run on a 48” food grade screener
  • Two GilSonic 3” Auto Sievers (Model GA6)
  • One Gilsonic Siftmaster (Model GA18)
Factors to Consider
  • What are the desired particle size cuts?
  • What is the particle density?
  • Are the materials sticky in nature or tend to clump?
  • What shape are the materials (spherical, oblong or jagged)?