The Challenge:
A fragile, low-density, organic powder required classification into three narrow particle size ranges: 250-180 µm, 180-150 µm, and 150-125 µm. Unfortunately, the customer’s previous attempts at vibratory screening broke the delicate particles and generated unusable fine material less than 125 µm, thus reducing product yields. Additionally, the three particle size cuts that were obtained had very broad particle size distributions because the particles were insufficiently separated during screening.

AVEKA Solution:
AVEKA evaluated the material in test runs and designed a process to greatly improve the end products. By installing a gentle de-binding system and adjusting the screening equipment’s weight system to fine-tune the vibrations, AVEKA significantly increased screening efficiency, processing speeds and product yield. This approach also allowed for narrower particle distributions and significant improvements in product quality. AVEKA‘s engineering group worked closely with the customer to meet downstream timelines and ensure project success.