The Challenge:
The customer was looking for a way to reduce the particle size of their specialty value-added ceramic pigment. While size reduction is a common request, in this case the customer required that virtually no ions (Fe, Ni, Mg, Na, Cr, Si) be added to their high-value materials during processing. Contamination-free milling to reduce particle size is a considerable process challenge.

AVEKA Solution:
AVEKA responded to the customer’s needs by using a proprietary ball milling process that uses a specially cleaned and conditioned ball mill with a ceramic lining in conjunction with high purity, high hardness ceramic media. By milling the added pigment and continuous phase (with surface active agents), AVEKA successfully obtained a sub micron particle size distribution with no detectable additional ionic cross contamination. Similar technology could also make slurries suitable for high tech ceramics, microelectronic, medical device or food applications where cross contamination with ions is not allowed.