The Challenge:
The customer came to AVEKA with a need to deliver a live organism to the intestines, as well as increase production rates for the viable cells. Sodium alginate was of interest, as it would immobilize the organism in the porous structure and was available food grade. The end product required an enteric coating for survival through the stomach.

AVEKA Solution:
AVEKA employed bead-making expertise in the area of sodium alginate to create the core delivery vehicle. The beads were then fluid bed (Wurster) coated with enteric materials for survival through the stomach. Samples were provided to the customer with varying concentrations of alginate and microbial loadings. Upon review of the samples, the customer requested that efforts be shifted to making a narrow particle size distribution of spherical beads in the 200-300 micron size. Satisfactory prototypes in the desired range were produced at rates superior to those previously available.