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Surface Modification of Particle with Silane using the MAIC Process

MAIC Process
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MAIC Process

Surface Modification of Particle with Silane using the MAIC Process
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Surface Modification of Particle with Silane using the MAIC Process
 Project Overview:
AVEKA customer wanted to maximize the interaction between a particle and another active. In order to do so, the surface of the particle had to be modified. However, the particles' size could not altered, there could be no agglomeration and oxidation protection must be provided.

AVEKA Solution:
In order to meet all the requirements for our customer, AVEKA used its patented MAIC (Magnetically Assisted Impact Coating) technology. Using an oscillating magnetic field, silane is evenly coated and peened around a core particle. This coating provided all the characteristics desired by the customer.

To verify the results, AVEKA ran several analytical tests in its Characterization Lab. These tests include TGA (thermogravimetric analysis) to confirm oxidation protection, PSD (particle size distribution) to make sure the coating did not increase the particle size and SEM (scanning election microscope) images to show the coating and to make sure the particles are not agglomerated.

AVEKA's MAIC solution provides uniform coatings of liquids onto a core particle as well as particle on particle coatings.

Project Points:
  • Proprietary Process: MAIC (Magnetically Assisted Impact Coating)
  • Desired Characteristics: Increase Interaction, No Agglomeration, No Size Variation
  • Description: Surface Modification
  • Industry Example: Electronics
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