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Patent Platform Development

Patent Platform Development
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Patent Platform Development
 Project Overview:
AVEKA's customer had a need to develop a broad patent strategy around a novel microencapsulation platform which was developed by AVEKA during a funded project with this customer. Such patent landscape understanding and patent strategy is critical in protecting IP, writing strong patents, developing broad claim coverage, and extending the art to outside the field applications.

AVEKA Solution:
The technical project focused on the microencapsulation of water sensitive materials, to develop a delivery vehicle microcapsule suitable for personal care applications. Protection of actives against water and moisture is one of the most challenging problems facing microencapsulation. Upon AVEKA's discovery of some novel ideas and methods to improve water projection we realized the innovative, non obvious, work we had reduced to practice and began the intellectual property platform development phase of the project.
AVEKA searched, read and indexed hundreds of issued patents and literature citations to better define the existing patent landscape, open areas, and determine where a patent claim set could have the most impact. AVEKA's researchers wrote up new Invention Disclosures on all new significant findings and submitted our work to our patent attorney.  Working closely with our customers scientists we defined a series of patent applications (in this case 10+) that were written, edited and ultimately fully submitted covering our technology, materials, microencapsulation strategies and novel application uses. This approach allows our customers to own and protect new technologies developed when working with AVEKA in their field of use.

Project Points:

  • Patent Research
  • Patent Protection
  • Patent Development
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