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Using Multiple Processes To Solve a Customer's Needs

Using Multiple Processes To Solve a Customer's Needs
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Using Multiple Processes To Solve a Customer's Needs
  Project Overview:
The customer needed to lower the salt content of walnut shells so that the shells may be used as an organic filling material. The end product also needed to be a dry powder for ease of handling.

AVEKA Solution:
AVEKA addressed the problem of lowering the salt content with several lab scale projects to determine proof of concept. The project was then scaled up to large scale production, where new infrastructure was installed.

In order to produce a product suitable for the customer's needs, several processing steps were needed. In order to remove the salts, a washing step was needed to de-ionize the walnut shells.  The washing step however leaves the material as a wet cake which is undesirable for the customer. In order to remove the waste water the walnut wet cake is centrifuged. To create a dry powder which is easily handled, the material is then processed through a fluid bed drier to remove any additional moisture. This customer is now a recurring production customer.

Project Points:
  • Material Used: Walnut Shells
  • Process: De-ionization, Centrifugation, Fluid bed Drying, Packaging
  • Scale: Lab Research and Development to Large Scale Production
  • Use: Organic Filling Material
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