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Fine Emulsions and Droplet Size Control using Emulsion Dispersion, Microencapsulation, Spray Drying Technologies for Health and Wellness Application

Fine Emulsions and Droplet Size Control
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Fine Emulsions and Droplet Size Control using Emulsion Dispersion
  Project Overview:
The customer had a need to deliver omega 3 fish oil in the form of a dry powder for a health and wellness food delivery application.
Such delivery is difficult as rancidity develops quickly with such oxygen sensitive raw materials. Small oil droplet size is also required for enhanced protection of the oil in a microcapsule shell.

AVEKA Solution:
An AVEKA developed microencapsulation platform was used to carry the active and provide a flowable powder with protection. One challenge overcome by AVEKA’s engineers was to obtain a small sub micron omega 3 fish oil droplet. In this case a course emulsion of oil droplets in water was created using a rotor-stator type mixing head. Then in a secondary step, the course emulsion passes through a Microfluidizer chamber to generate a uniform sub micron fine stable emulsion.  A Microfluidizer is unique in their ability to achieve uniform particle size reduction of dispersions, obtain cell disruption and used in fine sub micron emulsion making. The high shear and pressure produces control and manipulation to make fine emulsion which can then be spray dried to create microencapsulation oils as a protected delivery system. 

Project Points:
  • Material Used: Omega 3 Fatty Oils
  • Process: Emulsion Dispersion, Microencapsulation, Spray Drying
  • Material Created: Dry Flowable Microcapsule Powder
  • Use: Health and Wellness Delivery Application
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