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Particle Food Processing Services

Particle Food Processing Services
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Particle Food Processing

Using a number of different methods and processes, AVEKA provides particle food processing services, including liquid blending, micro encapsulation, roll drying, spray drying, food grade grinding and milling capabilities. These particle food processing methods are used in diverse food applications for consumer food products, food packaging, preservation, nutraceuticals/supplements, and others.

We are ISO 9001:2008, GMP, and GFSI certified and also follow a comprehensive food quality inspection program, including USDA-FSIS inspection, kosher certification, and organic certification.Our particle food processing services can provide any kind of food product conversion depending on your needs: from liquids to powders, emulsifications, slurry, small particle conversions, and size reductions through grinding or milling. Our focus on particle food processing innovation and research and development makes it sure that we will be able to develop the right processing solution for your needs. Our spray drying and roll drying services, with evaporation capabilities available as well, are typically used to convert food products to powders, in large, medium, and small scale lots. Spray chilling and prilling are available to convert oils, waxes, and materials with low melting points, creating small, spherical particles. Custom processing solutions are also available to create your unique product. We can also provide packaging and in some cases, final packaging for processed products. We can provide particle food processing services under toll processing agreements as well as contract manufacturing and continuous manufacturing. To learn more about how AVEKA can assist in your food technology, please see below and contact us today 

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Particle Food Processing Specifications:

General Capabilities Contract Manufacturing
Continuous Manufacturing
Toll Processing
Research And Development
Innovation and IP Development
Industry Focus Consumer Goods
Alternative Energy
Personal Care
Medical Device
Pet Care
Industry Standards ISO - 9001 - 2008
International Organization for Standardization


Cresco Food Technologies, AVEKA Manufacturing, AVEKA Nutra Processing

Comprehensive Food Quality Program
  • USDA – FSIS Inspected
  • GMP Certified
  • GFSI: 22000
  • Kosher OU
  • Halal Certified
  • Organic Certified by QAI
  • State of Iowa FDA Food Grade Processor
  • HACCP Program
  • Microbial Testing
Capabilities Spray Drying:
Spray drying is the process of forming a dry, flowable powder from water-based solutions. We have expertise in a wide variety of materials and can process lab scale, medium and large scale production lots. We can also provide microencapsulation development services as delivery systems.
For large scale toll processing AVEKA Group has Box Dryers and Tower Spray Dryers capable of 3000 - 4500 lbs/hour water evaporation rate. Insulated silo storage, emulsification, slurry preparation and high temperature short time, and final packaging of powders is also available.

Spray Chilling/Prilling:
Spray chilling or Prilling is a process for making small, spherical particles from fats, hydrogenated vegetable oils, waxes or other materials with low melting points. With particle sizes from 10 microns to 2 mm, spray chilling can be economically applied to many food product areas.  We provide novel microencapsulation development services as delivery systems using this platform.  Production rates of 100-1500 lbs/hour.

Size reduction using a Fitzpatrick hammermilling can produce rates from 200 - 2000 lbs / hour. Dry Fiber milling is a core strength of AVEKA as well as cryogenic grinding available for heat sensitive products. Materials that have been processed with grinding technology include sweeteners, cocoa butter, fibers, starch, natural colors, and yeast products.

Roll Drying:
Double drum dryer with 700-1000 lb / hour evaporation rate.

Processes used to protect, taste mask or release-on-demand ingredients such as flavors, fragrances, antioxidants, unsaturated oils, nutraceutical, or vitamins. Typical processes available include the following: Alginate Beads, Gelatin (coacervates), Plating, Prilling, Spray Drying.

Bio Seperation:
Membrane filtration using micro, ultra, nano filtration or R/O separates molecules or colloids from a variety of membrane materials. An additional Certifudge step can remove soluables or insoluables.

A process to concentrate dilute solutions. High temperature, short time pasteurization available. May be used as an adjunct process with spray drying.

We have wet blending capabilities. We can custom package to your specifications.

Custom Processing
We have broad expertise in a variety of other processes such as water extraction of phytochemicals and dispersion preparation. Please give us a call for your custom application.

Research & Development
We offer Research & Development services in standard as well as novel areas. If appropriate, we can help you develop a proprietary position to give your product a competitive edge

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