Our Process

Contract Manufacturing Process

The expectations and material sets for each project are unique. We have developed a proven process for working together

  • Initial contact and back-and-forth discussion of processing needs
  • AVEKA provides a proposal setting clear and defined expectations for both parties
  • Client provides the purchase order as approval to start work
  • AVEKA assigns a project manager and a project engineer as main contacts
  • AVEKA communicates project requirements, new raw materials and quality requirements to working team
  • AVEKA completes the proposed work to establish processing parameters and create samples
  • Client selects which processing parameter/sample is ideal
  • AVEKA provides a quote with production pricing or next steps
  • AVEKA creates quality documents (Work Instructions and Certificate of Analysis)
  • Client continues to submit purchase orders to the project manager
  • AVEKA continue to process material with ongoing orders

During the project, we will continue to maintain close contact with you. We welcome regular conference calls and visits to our facilities. We believe good communication and transparency across all functions is the key to successful interactions.


The AVEKA Group has a robust Research & Development operation. This group consists of engineers, technicians, scientists, and consultants from a variety of industries who work closely with our clients. We welcome the opportunity to work on small-scale projects that typically take a week or less to larger research or development projects that may include patent searching, brainstorming sessions, and intellectual property agreements.

We establish milestones to review the progress of the R&D program and to continuously evaluate the goals and needs of the project. During all projects, the lead principal investigator and project manager will maintain close contact with you.

If you’re in need of particle processing R&D, you can learn more about your options here.


The AVEKA Group has an arsenal of equipment available for all sizes of production. We take the learning from the lab-scale, research and development trials to help scale-up your project to production. During scale-up, we try to optimize throughput rates and develop quality controls and overall processing parameters that allow for a successful transition to production.


Our goal is to get your project to production quickly and within reason. When a project is in production mode, we maximize efficiencies and achieve optimal pricing.

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IP Information

We realize that intellectual property is important to our customer’s growth as well as our own. We take special care with all proprietary information, including our customer’s information and our own information. Clearly, ownership of intellectual property brought to the table by the customer or AVEKA resides with that party. Through our experience, we know that an open exchange of information is essential to the success of a project, and many times this exchange is limited by conflicts over intellectual property rights. Rather than making IP ownership a road block to open and timely discussions, we prefer to work out agreements where you, the customer, own any newly developed IP with AVEKA retaining the rights to operate with that technology outside your field of use. AVEKA would also have the right to manufacture for you provided we meet cost, volume and quality requirements. Clearly, this model can be more complicated than described here, but properly defined and worked on, this model can be advantageous to both parties.