August 23, 2023
New & Enhanced Material Characterization Services at AVEKA

We’re thrilled to announce a significant upgrade to our characterization services: the integration of the state-of-the-art Discovery 250 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) analyzer. With this powerful addition, we’ve elevated our material analysis game, offering you deeper insights into your materials’ behavior.


Key Advancements at a Glance:


Pinpointing Glass Transitions: The Discovery 250 DSC analyzer allows us to precisely identify glass transition temperatures. This knowledge is essential for understanding how your materials adapt to different environments.

Accurate Melting Points: We can now determine melting points with exceptional accuracy. This information is crucial for optimizing product design and development strategies.

Unveiling Recrystallization: Gain insights into recrystallization processes within your materials. This understanding is pivotal for enhancing material performance.

At AVEKA, we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of material testing. The Discovery 250 DSC analyzer empowers us to unravel the complexities of your materials, guiding you toward innovation and excellence. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to redefine material analysis for a world of possibilities.


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