March 12, 2024
AVEKA Reflects on Groundbreaking "Microencapsulation in Space" Workshop: A Testament to Innovation

In a nostalgic reflection on a heartwarming story, we wanted to revisit the “Microencapsulation in Space” Workshop.

Let’s go back to 2011 when the workshop emerged from a serendipitous encounter between AVEKA and a 12-year-old boy named Brandon and his dedicated teacher from the Chicago area. Their journey began with a simple Google search, leading them to seek support for their experiment to be included in the payload of the Endeavor space shuttle. Despite initial rejections from several companies, AVEKA’s CEO, Willie Hendrickson, recognized the spark of innovation in Brandon’s project and engaged in a dialogue that spanned months.

Their perseverance allowed Brandon to thrive with his experiment, securing a coveted slot aboard the Endeavor shuttle, slated for launch on April 29, 2011. Despite the launch facing delays, Hendrickson and AVEKA’s Director of Research & Development stood alongside Brandon and his teacher in Orlando, Florida, witnessing history in the making.

As anticipation mounted, Hendrickson extended an invitation to several students present at the launch event, inviting them to AVEKA’s headquarters in Minnesota for further testing upon the experiment’s return from space.

Fast forward to today, and the significance of that workshop continues to resonate. AVEKA fondly recalls hosting seven enthusiastic students, accompanied by five parents and one teacher, who delved into hands-on experimentation with materials retrieved from the space shuttle. The workshop not only provided a platform for scientific exploration but also fostered a sense of wonder and curiosity among participants.

The “Microencapsulation in Space” Workshop remains etched in AVEKA’s legacy as a beacon of inspiration for future generations of scientists and innovators. As we look back on this event, AVEKA reaffirms its commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery and nurturing the next wave of groundbreaking research.