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Specialty Processing Suite for Difficult to Handle Black Materials

Specialty Processing Suite for Difficult to Handle Black Materials
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Specialty Processing Suite for Difficult to Handle Black Materials
  Project Overview:
Carbon black, graphite, and other specialty materials can present many material handling challenges.  Such materials are very high in surface area, low in particle size, and are known to be fluffy airborne type powders in their dry state. With such properties these powders are challenging to handle, contain, process, and package.
AVEKA has been approached by several companies looking for processing solutions for their specialty materials. These materials are used in a number of high value added markets such as electronic, imaging, inkjet, aerospace, alternative energy applications, etc. The challenge is to offer a wide range of particle processing solutions while carefully controlling the quality and facility cleanliness of these often humbling materials.

AVEKA Solution:
AVEKA has designed specialty processing suites for processing difficult to handle particulate materials. The areas are segregated and incorporate dedicated air handling systems and dedicated process equipment. Special care is given to mitigate any potential cross contamination to other materials and the facility. Process technologies currently offered for black materials include spray drying, tray drying, reaction vessels, centrifugation, ball milling, hammer milling and packaging.

Project Points:
  • Industry: Microelectronics, Aerospace, Industrial Applications
  • Process:  Ball Milling, Spray Drying, Tray Drying, Packaging, Centrifugation
  • Description:  Dedicated Process Suite for Processing of Black Materials
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