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AVEKA's Research and Development Initiatives

Research and Development Initiatives
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Research and Development Initiatives

AVEKA GROUP is a contract Research and Development company as well as a toll producer of particulate based materials and products. We have a diverse processing base allowing us to serve small start-up companies and Fortune 500 corporations. We service a wide range of markets from food, nutraceuticals, personal care products to industrial chemical materials. Our broad experience in research and development and our three production facilities allow AVEKA to move your project from initial conception to full scale production.

Contract Research and Development Process

The AVEKA GROUP has a robust Research and Development operation. This group consists of engineers, technicians, scientists, and consultants from a variety of industries who works closely with our customers. We welcome the opportunity to work on small scale projects that typically take a week or less to complete to larger research or development projects that may include patent searching, brainstorming sessions, and intellectual property agreements. We establish milestones to review the progress of the R&D program and to continuously evaluate the goals and needs of the project. During any project we maintain close contact with our customers.

Materials Processed

Particles for AVEKA can range from macroscopic particles as large as 10 millimeters to nanoparticles. Particles may be in a dry state, wet state or combination. Due to the breadth of industries/customers that use our services, our raw material interests are virtually limitless and encompass most materials and matrices. We have knowledge and exposure across all particle material systems including inorganic particles, organic particulates, pastes, and dispersions. We have worked in aqueous, non aqueous and 100% curable continuous phases as well.  We do not have any specific raw material set that we focus on or exclude, however we avoid highly hazardous materials (radioactive, biohazaradous, highly toxic).

Intellectual Property Philosophy

At AVEKA, we realize that intellectual property is important to our customer's growth as well as our own. We take special care with all proprietary information; both our customer's information and our own information. Clearly, ownership of intellectual property brought to the table by the customer or AVEKA resides with that party. Through our experience, we know that an open exchange of information is essential to the success of a project, and many times this exchange is limited by conflicts over intellectual property rights. Rather than making IP ownership a road block to open and timely discussions, we prefer to work out agreements where you, the customer, own any newly developed IP with AVEKA retaining the rights to operate with that technology outside your field of use. AVEKA would also have the right to manufacture for you provided we meet cost, volume, and quality requirements. Clearly, this model can be more complicated than described here, but properly defined and worked on, this model can be advantageous to both parties.

Current Intellectual Property

List of granted US Patents held or licensed to AVEKA, Inc.:

Topic Title Number Licensed to or Owned by AVEKA
Bead Classification Process for sizing particles and producing particles separated into size distributions 7,237,679 AVEKA
Gel Beads Organogel Particles 6,858,666 AVEKA
Nano-particles Process for the Manufacture of Nanoparticle Organic Pigments (this technology is now part of CIMA NanoTech) 6,837,918 AVEKA, licensed to CIMA NanoTech
Surface Modification of Metal Particles with a wax coating Metallurgical Compositions Containing Binding Agent/Lubricant and Process for Preparing Same 6,602,315 Licensed
Water Beads Particulate Encapsulation of Liquid Beads 6,413,548 AVEKA
Surface Modification of Metal Particles with a wax coating Metallurgical Compositions Containing Binding Agent/Lubricant and Process for Preparing Same 6,280,683 Licensed
Effect pigments Multilayer Pigments and Their Manufacture 6,139,613 AVEKA
Cellulosic Film formation Anti-immunoresponsive Polymeric Material and its Use in Biological Applications 6,071,981 AVEKA
Surface Treatment and Conversion Hydrophilic Materials and Their Method of Preparation 6,045,650 Licensed
Surface modification MAIC Particle on Particle coating Process for Making Particle-Coated Substrates 6,037,019 Licensed
Surface modification MAIC
Liquid on Particle coating
Process for Applying Liquid Coating To Solid Particulate Substrates 5,962,082 AVEKA
Electrostatic deposition Process for Patterning Powder into Thick Layers 5,817,374 Licensed
Surface Melting Coatings over particles Process for Producing Fused Particle Agglomerates 5,620,643 Licensed
Sublimation pigments Pigment Dispersions 5,106,533 Licensed

In addition to issued patents, AVEKA, Inc has additional pending patent applications:
  1. Alginate microencapsulated engineered particles (family of 10 -14 patents)
  2. Particulate delivery of iodine for biocidal and cleaning applications (family of 2-3 patents)
  3. Prilling process for omega three oils
  4. Particle classification during prilling process
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