June 14, 2013
Willie Hendrickson to be the next President of IFPRI

AVEKA’s CEO/Founder, Willie Hendrickson has been elected to be the next President of IFPRI, International Fine Particles Research  Institute. He will officially take the reins at the Annual Meeting which is being held June 14 – June 20, 2013 in Newark, Delaware.

The International Fine Particles Research Institute, IFPRI, is a unique global network of companies and academics with active research programmes in particle science and technology. It is a non-profit organization.

Its membership represents some of the world’s largest manufacturing industries: bulk and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, construction, coatings, detergents and foods. The industry members work alongside some of the finest academic researchers in the world in particle science and technology, and other allied areas.

Since its inception in 1979, IFPRI has explored the whole range of particle science and technology including the formation, modification, mixing, dispersion, handling and transport of particles. The particles can range in size from nanometres to millimeters. Dispersions of particles in gases, liquids and pastes are also studied.

More information: www.ifpri.net