Fall 2021
Virtual webinar

AVEKA Is excited to announce that we will be participating in three educational webinars coming up in the next few weeks.  Special guest speaker Willie Hendrickson,  AVEKA Founder and CEO will be presenting at all three events. Don’t miss your opportunity to hear from one of the biggest names in particle technology!



  • Thursday, September 16th- 8:30 PM (CST)

Research, Development, and Commercialization- Through the Valley of Death

As scientists, engineers, or inventors we all understand the challenges of discovery. What you may not be prepared for are the challenges of commercialization.
Through the use of personal examples, and touching on NASA’s 9 Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) Willie Hendrickson will show you a pathway through The Valley of Death. He will discuss commercialization from the perspectives of the inventor who knows that the hardest part of commercialization has been done (not!); the developer who hates the inventor because they will not consider alternative processes or materials; and the investor who is only interested in a product that readily fits within the current production, sales, and marketing channels. 
This free one hour webinar will help prepare you for your own trek through the Valley of Death to commercialization with insight and suggestions on how to be successful in this
Great Game of Life.
  • Thursday, September 23rd- 12:30 PM (CST)

Blending: It is Never as Easy as it First Appears

While AVEKA focuses on spray drying, grinding, agglomeration and microencapsulation, we are often faced with the need to blend materials. Though seemingly simple, blending can be challenging with many surprises.
In this joint Webinar, Willie Hendrickson, Founder and CEO of the AVEKA Group as well as the President of the International Fine Particle Research Institute, will discuss blending including dry blending, powder blending with added liquids, and blending of micro ingredients will be discussed. This talk will also include an overview of segregation during blending, types of mixers used for blending and a number of practical examples of blending issues and challenges.
  • Tuesday, October 5th through Thursday, October 7th- beginning at 9:00 AM ( CST)
22nd Industrial Microencapsulation and Applications Workshops: Fundamentals, Technology & Applications
This 3 half days program provides a comprehensive summary of microencapsulation chemistry, review of processing steps, and materials. Economics of product development will be also discussed. Speakers from industry and academia will review use of different materials and their effect on stability, loading and product quality. Designed for recent graduates and newcomers as well as experienced product formulators in food, pharma and dietary supplement industries, R&D engineers, engineering supervisors, QA technicians, project engineers, Process Improvement engineers, processors; chemists and technicians; marketers and business managers, and Sales and Marketing Specialists.
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